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The EMP Book Series

Are you prepared for the day a group of terrorists sail on old, rusty freighter into an American harbor on the West or East Coast, walks across our southern or northern border wearing a backpack, or as in the EMP series, detonates an electromagnetic pulse device over the heartland of the United States?. It is merely a matter of time before a group or nation of radicals will use such a dreadful device in a terrorist attack on a major American city with the same effects described in the EMP book series.

When the reader finishes reading the EMP book series, he or she will wonder why our advanced technological world of social networking is not talking about what will occur when the terrorist organization Al Qaeda, a radical religious group, or rogue nations North Korea or Iran hits the United States with an EMP attack. Even more frightening is no one is preparing the surviving citizens for the day when a radical terrorist cell delivers and detonates an EMP device on a freighter arriving in a major city. This possibly occurring is not a matter of if; it is a matter of when. No one talks about the consequences of such an attack because they are so horrific. No one is preparing defenses for this occurrence, yet the costs of such a defense pales when compared to the long-lasting devastation to the human race because of such an attack. They should do something to protect the people, but are not doing so.
Warning – you will find in this series that the aftermath of an EMP attack is not pretty.

In a split second, virtually all electronic components will fail, causing vehicles to stall, planes to fall out of the sky. The electric power grid will fail, leaving our continent with no television, telephone, no Internet, nothing. With no electricity, cities cannot pump water, so what you have in your swimming pool will be your only source of drinking water. Toilets will not flush, and food deliveries will be impossible because all transportation has ceased. Armed gangs will roam the streets and countryside seeking food and water. Millions will die a slow, miserable death.

In Book One, EmP – Nuclear Winter, the scenario models after what are happening now and such an attack could occur at any time. Selecting the state of Nevada the venue makes the story more realistic by affiliating the characters with actual technological activities occurring at the Nevada National Security Site and at the Area 51 technological laboratories. EMP takes the reader through the attack and realistically addresses logistics, security, survivor selection, social, cultural, education, and other issues required to prepare a society capable of rebuilding a nation devoid of the technology they once depended on.

In Book Two, EMP – Nuclear Spring, four years have passed since the EMP attack and the nuclear bombs that followed. For the first time, the survivors are able to come out of the Yucca Mountain underground complex initially constructed to store nuclear waste. They find themselves under surveillance by Islamic activists of the Muslim Brotherhood who survived in Central America. The Brotherhood is moving into Nevada to take control of the Hoover Dam, which gives the Brotherhood control of the Colorado River and the electricity it generates for the western United States.
Both the Brotherhood and the survivors in the mountain realize the jet stream is returning the fallout of the nuclear winter back to the region. Both must secure food and supplies to carry them through the return of the fallout. The survivors in the mountain repel attacks on the mountain by the Brotherhood and enter the next phase of nuclear winter prepared to battle the Muslim Brotherhood and drive them from the region.

Book Three of this series will focus on rebuilding society while defending against those seeking territories by conquest.

My Odyssey to Area 51

While working for the CIA at Area 51 Barnes used the code-name “Thunder.” My Odyssey to Area 51 follows his experiences on the NASA High Range and Groom Lake where others and he pioneered the NASA X-15, XB-70, and Lifting Bodies. My Odyssey to Area 51 covers his recruitment for the CIA A-12 Oxcart at Groom Lake where he remained as Special Projects cadre for the Soviet MiG exploitation programs, the early days of stealth. The named icons of aviation and business are the eagles with which he soared. The content is declassified.

Werner and Velma – A CIA Family

Werner and Velma – A CIA Family is th biography of Werner and Velma Weiss’ life of a CIA family from CIA Commander of Area 51 in Nevada to Chief of Station in Paris.

Though this book is mostly about Velma, knowing a bit about still secret legacy of Werner provides the reader an advance peek at this phase of Velma’s life.

In 1986, Velma started writing about events occurring from the 1930s to mid-1980. Werner and Velma – A CIA Family is not an autobiography; Werner took his life secrets to his grave and Velma was neither famous nor infamous enough, nor related to a famous person. It, however, was not fiction; everything is factual to the extent Velma’s memory allowed, but it was not a learned work backed up by hours of research. Their being a CIA family rather than ordinary Americans adds an unusual twist that most will enjoy. It was merely a collection of anecdotes and memories culled from fifty years of her personal experience and some observations based on that experience. It encompasses more than a year of prewar England and the years of wartime England seen through the eyes of a young American bride of an Englishman, a young war bride in reverse. Her new husband, Werner, did not bring her home from a war; he brought her home to one. I regret that Werner died before the CIA declassified his career for me to include in this book. Up to October 2011, I attempted to get Werner’s personnel file at CIA declassified for addition to this book, but was unsuccessful.

After spending the postwar years in England, Switzerland, France, and Franco’s Spain, Velma started a new life, working for and later marrying into the Central Intelligence Agency. This led to her living in Germany, Japan, and Las Vegas, Nevada. It also led to some extremely interesting experiences while living in Paris.