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Evolution of Area 51 UNLV Forum by Author T.D. Barnes


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Tuesday, October 21, 2014, Area 51 veteran and author T.D. Barnes presented the Evolution of Area 51 in the UNLV Barrick Museum Auditorium as part of the Fall 2014 Lecture Series sponsored by the UNLV College of Liberal Arts. Barnes’ presentation was well received by a standing room only crowd attending to hear Barnes, Former Executive Director, Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame and long-time president of Roadrunners Internationale, provide a declassified insider’s account of the genesis of the facility within Area 51, it accomplishments and how it became a permanent technological laboratory for exploiting enemy technology, as well as testing and evaluating advancements in American military technology. Barnes discussed recruitment and what it was like for individuals working in secrecy during the Central Intelligence Agency era of Area 51 management.
Barnes is the author of MiGs over Nevada, and Odyssey to Area 51, Barnes’ autobiography of how he became selected for Area 51. Barnes is also the author of the EMP series, EMP – Nuclear Winter, EMP – Nuclear Spring, and EMP – Nuclear Summer, as well as Wildcatter a novel that depicts many of his personal experiences as an Oilman after leaving Area 51.

Wildcatter by TD Barnes Released

Wildcatter Kindle book cover

Oilman Hoot Hanson drills a wildcat well that discovers a new oil basin on Indian lands in SW Oklahoma. The notoriety attracts an Muslim attorney in California working as an intermediary for the Dept. of Homeland Security secretly financing Islamic rebels fighting in Syria and Iraq,. The attorney plays, both sides, and buys a bank for use in funneling funds to an Islam jihad setting up sleeper cells in the United States. He leaks a false claim that Hanson Oil Co. is financing Middle East terrorists to which the power-seeking Secretary ofHomeland Security freezes Hanson Oil bank accounts and seeks forfeit. Meanwhile the Muslim bank sues in an attempt to gain ownership of the new oil discovery. Both the Muslim attorney and the Secretary of Homeland Security underestimate the fight that Hanson puts up to keep his oil, a fight that leads to the courts, FBI investigation and bloodshed from an attack on the wildcat well by sleeper jihadists recruited in the United States.

Wildcatter is available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook

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