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Author and former CEO of Barnes Petroleum Corporation Thornton “TD” Barnes announces the third book of the Hanson’s War Series, Hanson’s War – The Senator to be released in March, 2015, three months following the publishing of Hanson’s War – the POW, the second book in Hanson’s War series.
book_1_wildcattersIn Book One, Hanson’s War – The Wildcatter, The Wildcatter
The notoriety from oil wildcatter Hoot Hanson strikes it rich, which attracts the attention of an unscrupulous attorney seeking to finance Islamic jihad in the United States. The attorney, acting as an intermediator between the Department of Homeland Security and Middle East combatants uses his connections in a failed attempt to gain control of Hanson Oil Company’s new oil discovery and resorts to violence. The ploy takes Hoot’s company through litigation with the Department of Homeland Security and a Muslim bank that turns to violence and loss of life.
book_2_the POWIn this Book Two, Hanson’s War – The POW, threats on his family and his company intensify, leading to a family member being abducted as a prisoner of war. Hanson declares his personal war against the jihadists, gaining support from the FBI and others when the US president refuses to recognize their being an Islamic jihad occurring in the United States. Hoot receives a large settlement in the Hanson litigation against the Department of Homeland Security that he uses to finance a private army formed to rescue his family member.