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Area 51 Veteran TD Barnes Upgrades His Nonfiction Book MiGs Over Nevada

migs-thumbDue to popular demand, Barnes added the declassified CIA U-2 Project AQUATONE and the CIA A-12 Project OXCART to his MiGs Over Nevada book about his participation in recently declassified MiG exploitation projects at Area 51.

In 1955, the CIA developed a facility at Groom Lake, Nevada to secretly test fly the U-2 reconnaissance plane under the code name, AQUATONE. Four years later, the CIA returns to its Nevada facility to test fly the A-12 Mach 3 reconnaissance plane intended to replace the U-2 under the code name, OXCART. THE CIA continued to operate the facility for the exploitation of the first Soviet MiG aircraft, code named Projects DOUGHNUT, HAVE DRILL, and HAVE FERRY.
MiGs Over Nevada is an insider’s declassified participation in a small group of CIA personnel and contract specialists providing their technological tradecraft to support Area 51 customers such as the US Air Force, the US Navy, intelligence and corporate entities. What happened in this book inspired the founding of the Navy’s TOP GUN Fighter Weapons School, the USAF Weapons School, and the USAF’s RED FLAG training exercises that continue today.

CIA declassification in October 2013 released information making possible the release of MiGs Over Nevada by Area 51 veteran TD Barnes. MiGs Over Nevada describes Area 51 operations where a small group of CIA personnel and contract specialists served and supported customers such as the US Air Force, the US Navy, and numerous corporate entities seeking technological tradecraft existing only at Area 51. The book tells how living under a cloak of secrecy affected the family of one whose career path made him a member of this secret cadre for test flying spy planes, and exploiting enemy technology.

MiGs Over Nevada does more than document the exploitation of the MiG-17F Fresco C, MiG-21F Fishbed, and the MiG-23 Flogger. It carries the reader through the evolution of Area 51 that made it the venue for the CIA’s U-2 Project AQUATONE, A-12 Project OXCART, for exploiting Soviet MiG aircraft, and the nations black projects that followed and continue today.

It tells how these projects inspired decades of exploitation projects that morphed into MiG operations known as the Red Eagles and the Red Hats.
What happened in this book inspired the founding of the Navy’s TOP GUN Fighter Weapons School, the USAF Weapons School, and the USAF’s RED FLAG training exercises that continue today.

Area 51 Veteran TD Barnes Autobiography Soaring With The Eagles Released

Soaring_thumbPreviously published as My Odyssey to Area 51, TD Barnes added to and republished his autobiography as Soaring With The Eagles to include the others associated with his Cold War career.

His family and friends never knew he worked on special projects for the CIA. Fifty years later, the CIA admits the existence of the top-secret facility known as Area 51. Barnes, an Area 51 and Cold War veteran tells what brought him from a desolate childhood on a remote ranch in the West Texas Panhandle, and through an Army career in radar and missiles to Area 51 to serve the CIA as an electronic specialist engaged in stealth and clandestine exploitation of enemy aircraft.

Thornton D. “TD” Barnes, author and entrepreneur, grew up on a ranch at Dalhart, Texas, graduated from MT. View High School, Oklahoma, followed by a ten-year military career that started as an Army Intelligence in Korea to Nike and Hawk missile schools, and ended with his attending Artillery OCS where an injury ended his military career.

Barnes served during the arms, nuclear, and space races that made it America’s battlefield of World War II, the cold war and all the wars since. My Odyssey To Area 51 by TD Barnes provides a personal account of the selection process for admission into Area 51. The book follows his odyssey through his childhood on a ranch in New Mexico, his military career, involvement with the NSA, CIA, and NASA that brought him to Area 51. The book follows the career of a veteran of the NASA High Range where he and others pioneered the NASA X-15, XB-70, and Lifting Bodies to place Americans in space. The CIA selected Barnes for a special projects team during CIA A-12 Project OXCART at Area 51 where he remained as Special Projects cadre for the Soviet MiG exploitation programs, the early days of stealth. The book includes the personal sacrifices of the family to support Barnes’ career while not knowing what he did or where. They followed him to places where the Army issued his wife Doris and their child, dog tags and required mandatory practice evacuation runs in preparation for war. Barnes’ name is engraved on a national memorial monument on Mt. Charleston, Nevada with a distant view of Area 51. The monument is in recognition of the Silent Heroes of the Cold War who worked at Area 51.

This book covers much of the recently declassified and rich military and technological deeds that are the legacy of Nevada and aviation and aerospace. The author is president of Roadrunners Internationale, an association of the CIA, Air Force, and contractor personnel who worked at Area 51. He co-founded the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame and served as its first Executive Director for almost five years. Several books and documentaries on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and two on National Geographic have featured Barnes’ career at Area 51.

TD and Doris formed a family oil and gas exploration company drilling and producing oil and gas, mining uranium and gold. He is currently CEO of Startel, Inc. landowner and actively mining landscape rock and gold in Nevada.
Barnes is currently the president of Roadrunners Internationale, an association of Area 51 veterans, and formerly the first executive director of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame

The History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Travel Channel, and others feature him in two National Geographic Channel documentaries “Area 51 Declassified” and “CIA – Secrets of Area 51,” and numerous documentaries. The Annie Jacobsen book, Area 51 Declassified also features his career.

Barnes’ books are available on Amazon, B&N, Apple, iTunes, CreateSpace, and Smashwords.


Posted by Thornton D. Barnes

Posted Thornton D. Barnes

Area 51 Veteran and Author TD Barnes Releases Three Book Jihad America Series

TD Barnes, author of MiGs Over Nevada, Soaring With The Eagles, and the three book EMP series has published another three book Jihad America series titled First Strike, The POW, and The Border. The books are available at Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Apple, CreateSpace, and Smashwords.


In Book 1, Hoot Hanson, a struggling oil wildcatter in Oklahoma hits a gusher, drawing notoriety that attracts the attention of an unscrupulous Muslim attorney acting as a liaison for the Department of Homeland Security. The attorney is secretly funding Islamic ISIS fighters in the Middle East. A massacre occurs when the Islamic Jihad targets Hanson Oil for its first jihadist strike against America. Hoot fights the feds for his company and retaliates for the attack on his people. More about Book 1

In Book 2, threats to his family and his company intensify, leading to a radicalized Islamic jihadist cell abducting Hanson’s twin daughter to sell to the jihad. Hanson declares his personal war against the jihadists, gaining FBI and military support to seek and rescue their daughter. Hoot isolates his family for their protection while he forms a private army. More about Book 2

In Book 3, following the massacre against his oil company and the terrorists kidnapping his daughter, Hoot Hanson remains at war with the Islamic State, ISIS. He accepts appointment to finish the term of a US Senator for one reason – the power needed to block the US border with Mexico following an Islamic jihadist raid on an American high school on the Mexican border. FBI agents embed in Hoot’s Senate staff while Hanson’s people join Mexico to rescue the girls and close the border. More about Book 3

National Atomic Testing Museum Interview of author TD Barnes on EMP Book Series

Area 51 veteran and author TD Barnes interviewed by the National Atomic Testing Museum on his EMP series, Nuclear Winter, Nuclear Spring, and Nuclear Summer.

Available in ebook and paperback on Amazon, B&N, Apple, iTunes, CreateSpace, and Smashwords.


Book 1. A regional war in the Middle East becomes WW III. An atmospheric EMP attack reduces almost all world technology back to the 7th Century. Colonel Bradley takes charge of a chosen group sheltered inside the Yucca Mountain underground complex in Nevada. For two years, this mismatch of personalities struggle to survive living confined inside a mountain under siege by lethal radiation levels outside and a rogue army desperately seeking their food, weapons, and women.

Book 2 of the EMP series realistically depicts life two years post World War III. The survivors of a global EMP and nuclear exchange briefly venture out of their underground refuge in Yucca Mountain only to face battle with hostile foreign survivors. An embedded terrorist causes considerable death and ignites military action where Colonel Bradley’s daughter tests a secret weapon. The survivors prepare for the next radiation storm and take refuge back in the mountain. .

Book Three. After four years, the EMP and nuclear winter survivors leave their underground refuge in Yucca Mountain to resettle at Nellis AFB outside Las Vegas. They battle Islamic jihadists arriving from Central America seeking to control Hoover Dam for an Islamic State in Arizona. Global weather changes and radioactive dust from an El Nino storm forces the survivors to seek cover. Martial law is reestablished when some oppose the newly established civilian society.

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