On March 22, 2017, TD Barnes, Area 51 veteran, and author joined CIA pilot Frank Murray, CIA codename Dutch 20, in a presenting the CIA’s Project OXCART legacy at Area 51 and its Operation BLACK SHIELD flying reconnaissance over North Vietnam and North Korea. In 2012, Barnes inshrined Frank Murray into the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame of which Barnes is the executive director. Barnes is also the president of Roadrunners Internationale, an association of the CIA, Air Force, and contractors participating the CIA U-2 and A-12 Blackbird programs at Area 51. Barnes, the author of numerous books is noted for his three-book novel series on EMP, a nonfiction book titled “MiGs Over Nevada, and his biography, “My Odyssey to Area 51.” Barnes’s historical book, “The Secret Genesis of Area 51” published by Arcadia/History Press is due for release on September 4, 2017. Another three-book illustrated series being released soon is the nonfiction “Area 51 Chronicles,” an account of the CIA era at Area 51.

A video of Murray’s presentation taken by Minden, Nevada Airport supervisor Chris Johnson can be seen here.

TD Barnes, Frank Murray, Roger Andersen

CIA pilot Frank Murray

Chris Johnson, Minden Airport Manager Bobbi Thompson, TD Barnes