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TD Barnes, Author of The CIA Area 51 Chronicles a Guest at CIA Headquarters

On October 13, Frank Murray (CIA A-12 pilot), Harry Martin (AF fuels specialist), and TD Barnes, former Area 51 Special Projects and author of The CIA Area 51 Chronicles were the guests at CIA Headquarters where we interviewed with historians, Public Affairs, the EAA, and the CIA Museum Director. The Central Intelligence Agency staff treated them to a private lunch at Hqs. The three-book series is The Angels about the U-2 plane and the genesis of Area 51. The book “The Archangels cover the CIA’s A-12 spyplane era. The Company Business covers what the CIA did at Area 51 following the A-12 project OXCART. These include the stealth programs and the exploitation of foreign technology. The photos are believed to be the first ever taken of visitors at the A-12 plane.

Author TD Barnes to Speak Before At the November Pioneering Las Vegas History Luncheon

November 17, 2017
Nevada State Museum
Las Vegas, Nevada
Area 51 Veteran and Author TD Barnes to Speak At the November Pioneering Las Vegas History Luncheon. The subject will be the CIA at Area 51, declassified in 2017 and recently published in Barnes’ CIA Area 51 Chronicles, a three-book series titled: The Angels, The Archangels, and The Company Business.
Other Books by Author:
EMP – Book 1 – Nuclear Winter
EMP – Book 2 – Nuclear Spring
EMP – Book 3 – Nuclear Summer
The Wildcatter
The Senator
The White Hats
Soaring with the Eagles
The Secret Genesis of Area 51

B&N Secret Genesis of Area 51 Book Signing by TD Barnes

5 November 2017
Barnes & Noble
Henderson, NV
Book signing by Author TD Barnes a complete sell out. Thanks to all the family and friends who dropped by to show their support.

Dustin, TD, Heath, & Hayden

Signing the last book

Doris, Wayne, TD, & Deborah

Heather & TD

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