Author TD Barnes Releases his Latest Novel “Evolution – A Space Odyssey from Earth”

For five years the four had trained together for the first manned flight to Mars. All, two men and two women, an American, a Canadian, a Japanese American, and an African-Australian were astronauts, having spent one tour on the International Space Station during training and another four months as they prepared an orbital launch of the SpaceCorp-owned spaceship Explorer. An over-burn of its rockets due to sabotage during departure dooms the Mars mission and leaves the Explorer and crew no choice but look for a new planet or asteroid to colonize. That’s what the US military and intelligence agencies wants everyone on Earth to think. In truth, the Explorer was on a dual mission, one to prepare a venue for colonization and the other a militarized mission to test a new device in space. There was no going back after they found what they were seeking.

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Area 51 Author TD Barnes on Coast to Coast w/George Knapp Dec 17, 2017

Midnight December 17, 2017, Area 51 veteran and author TD Barnes will make his third appearance on the Coast-to-Coast radio show with George Knapp. Barnes will discuss his latest book release, a 3-book CIA Area 51 Chronicles titled “The Angels,” “The Archangels,” and “The Company Business.” The Angels cover why the CIA was chosen to build and fly the U-2 under Project AQUATONE, and why the agency developed what is known as Area 51 in Nevada to flight test the plane.
The Archangels cover the CIA’s Mach 3, 90,000 feet intended successor to the U-2 that secrets flew 2,850 flights out of Area 51 during Project OXCART and 29 operational missions over the Far East and Southeast Asia.
The Company Business covers what the Central Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Science and Technology was doing at Area 51 for ten years following the retirement of the A-12 Archangel. The author, TD Barnes participated in these projects in some instances including as a member of the Special Projects team at Area 51.

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