td_podiumEMP author and Area 51 veteran TD Barnes asks if the North Korean’s Taepo Dong 3 missile can hit the US? The answer is yes, with a 450# payload. See the map from the Heritage Foundation.
An automobile is typically tested to 600 V/m.
The Heritage Foundation

North Korea can also explode an EMP high above us with devastating consequences that we’re unprepared for.
EMP over the United States
High-altitude nuclear explosion

Pentagton is Struggling with electronic warfare

TD Barnes, formerly with Army Intelligence, and a veteran of the NASA High Range and the CIA’s Area 51 in Nevada has a three-book series published in paperback and ebook that depicts the world following an preemptive EMP attack on the United States. Books by TD Barnes

The EMP series realistically depicts the life of the survivors living underground in the aftermath of an EMP and nuclear attack that destroys electronic devices and the electric power grids over much of the world.
In Book 1, survivors of an atmospheric EMP attack followed by a nuclear attack take refuge inside the Yucca Mountain underground complex in Nevada. This mismatch of personalities struggle to survive the resulting nuclear winter while living confined inside a mountain under siege by lethal radiation levels and other survivors fighting for water and food.
Book One takes the reader through the attack and realistically addresses logistics, security, survivor selection, social, cultural, education, and other issues required to prepare a society capable of rebuilding a nation devoid of the technology they once depended on.
Warning – you will find in this book that the aftermath of an EMP attack is not pretty.

In Book 2, the survivors come out of the Yucca Mountain underground complex to find themselves under the surveillance of Islamic activists who survived in Central America devastated by the nuclear winter. The Brotherhood is relocating to the farmlands in Arizona and takes control of the Hoover Dam on the Colorado River for the generated electricity needed by the Islamic calibrate. The jet stream returns the fallout of the nuclear winter back to the region. The survivors in the mountain repel attacks by the Brotherhood and enter the next phase of nuclear winter prepared to battle the Islamic Brotherhood and drive them from the region.

Book Three realistically depicts life post World War III. After four years, the EMP and nuclear winter survivors finally emerge from their underground shelter with expectations of resuming life free of the restrictions imposed by martial law. They continue their battle with Islamic Jihadists commenced shortly before the return of nuclear winter. The main body of survivors relocates to Nellis AFB to begin rebuilding a society. The hardships continue with the survivors again driven into shelters from El Nino winds carrying radiation carried aloft by the fire storms raging on the West Coast. The nuclear winter returns early, but not before the outpost at the mountain and base camp at Nellis AFB establish visual communication. A fast-moving storm carrying lethal radiation levels takes a heavy toll on the mountain survivors.

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