Hoot Hanson is a laid-back oilman with a feisty wife, Hanna, their precious twin girls, and the best damn bird dog in the state. Hoot, Hanna and the girls are a team. The work together, play together, and never miss a Friday night high school football game. Hoot and Hanna have an oil company, Hanson Oil Company, a struggling company constantly strapped for money. The problem is that Hoot is an oil wildcatter. Hanna likes to shop, and Hoot doesn’t miss a Saturday night poker game held in the garage of a judge. The players are the sheriff, an FBI agent, Hanson Oil’s attorney, the judge, and Hoot. Hanna drives a souped up and very noisy F-100 Ford pickup and Hoot 2005, cherry red Ford Thunderbird convertible. The Hanson world changes when one of Hoot’s wildcat wells strikes oil, a lot of oil, and with it, notoriety that attracts the attention of an unscrupulous attorney seeking funding to establish a local cell of Islamic jihadists. A massacre occurs when the Islamic Jihad targets Hanson Oil for its first jihadist strike against America. The cell miscalculated the wrath of Hoot and Hanna who will go to any length to defend what is theirs.

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