Barnes Interview

The CIA Area 51 Chronicles is a three-book illustrated series covering the CIA era at Area 51 from 1955 to 1979.

Earlier this month, Barnes release a 4th book, “Aviation Legions of the Battle Born State,” recognizing the men, women, and organizations who pioneered aerospace and aviation in the Battle Born State of Nevada. Becoming the West Coast line of Defense during World War II, Nevada has produced the most astronauts of any state, the NERVA nuclear rocket engine, and the classified science and technology developed in obscurity at venues such as Area 51 & TTR.

Barnes has a 5th book, “The Secret Genesis of Area 51” being released on September 4 by publisher Arcadia/History Press.

The United States and the Soviet Union are in a Cold War and have fought a proxy war in Korea. The Soviet Union is expanding Communism behind its closed borders and is competing with the United States in the Nuclear, weapons, and space races. The United States needs to know what the Soviet Union is up to behind the Iron Curtain, but to do so requires a revolutionary surveillance plane capable of overflying the Soviet Union undetected and high enough to escape the missiles of its Cold War enemy. When the US Air Force refuses to develop such a plane, the US president goes to the Central Intelligence Agency who undertakes the development of the U-2 plane. The CIA needs a remote location to secretly develop the U-2 and to train its pilots. The agency selects a remote site in Nevada along the nation’s western line of defense established in World War II. The secret location becomes known as Area 51.