Atomic Bomb Mannequins Located

4-14-2010 - 1955 AEC atomic test mannequins located and presented to the Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Atomic Testing Museum

Former Area-51 employees T.D. Barnes and Clyde Fancher locate two AEC mannequins that survived an atmospheric atomic test in Yucca Flats of the Atomic Proving Grounds, known today as the DOE Atomic Test Site.

Barnes & Fancher
T.D. Barnes and Clyde Fancher enjoying an EAA breakfast at the North Las Vegas Airport

Did someone suggest say aliens from Area 51?

Clyde Fancher's plane that he purchased from the AEC. The plane was abandoned at Camp Desert Rock near Mercury, Nevada, the entrance to the Atomic Proving Grounds. Note the U.S. Air Force markings still on the plane.

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  1. Hello friends. I’m a journalist from Spain. I’m writing an article about these ‘atomic dummies’ and I would like to contact T.D. Barnes and Clyde Fancher. Can you help me? A million thanks 🙂

  2. Dear T.D.
    I noticed you will be on Coast tonight talking about Area 51. I would love to have you be a guest on with host James Jancik too. James does an internet broadcast that is has a world wide listening audience. While he does not have the millions of listeners like Coast, he does get the word out to the world. He is very popular in European countries. If you are interested, this is his cell number to chat: (779) 379-6513 He is a truck driver during the week, and only does his show on Sunday nights. Hope you’ll consider dropping by for a show.

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