Posted Thornton D. Barnes

B&N_bk_cvrEMP warning by former CIA Director James Woolsey and Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security in the Wall Street Journal describes the same fears and consequences of an EMP attack as published by Thornton D. Barnes in his widely proclaimed book, EmP – The Nuclear Winter. Mr. Pry, who served on the congressional EMP commission, states in his article in the WSJ that “A single nuke exploded above America could cause a national Blackout for months.” “An EMP attack would collapse the electric grid and other infrastructure that depends on it — communications, transportation, banking and finance, food, and water —necessary to sustain modern civilization and the lives of 300 million Americans.”

EmP, by Barnes is available in paperback and ebook at CreateSpace, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other book stores in the United States and internationally. More about Barnes’ book, EmP