Beatty, Nevada welcomes X-15 Veteran T.D. Barnes

Posted Thornton D. Barnes

Saturday, June 15, the town of Beatty, Nevada welcomed back its Cold War veteran of Project X-15 from when the Beatty Tracking Station on the NASA High Range at Beatty supported test flights X-15, XB-70, Lifting Body, LLRV, YF-12, and the CIA’s top secret A-12 Blackbird. Barnes, author of “My Odyssey to Area 51” and “EMP – The Nuclear Winter” conducted a presentation to the town of beatty at the towns community center. Titled “Beatty’s Contribution to Space Development & the Cold War,”Barnes spoke on the NASA projects at the Tracking Station & Jackass Flats as well as Beatty’s involvement in declassified the CIA’s Project OXCART at Area 51 where Barnes participated as a member of “The Seven Sisters,” the secret radar coverage of the CIA’s top secret flights of the A-12. At Beatty, Barnes also participated in the establishing eight world speed and altitude records on May 1, 1965 with the Air Force YF-12 Mach 3 intercepter Blackbird.

After the presentation, Barnes conducted book signs of his books with partial proceeds donated to the Beatty museum. Barnes is working with the Beatty Museum staff to establish the legacy of the tracking station at the museum. Barnes was accompanied by his wife, Doris, daughter, Debbie, and her husband, Wayne.
Barnes’ books may be purchased from the Beatty Museum or directly from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace, and most other book outlets. Website