Prepared Times Magazine Editor about EMP – Nuclear Winter by Thornton D. Barnes

B&N_bk_cvrIn an instant, life as we know it could change forever.

An EMP, (Electro Magnetic Pulse), weapon of mass destruction is the precursor to Armageddon. Thornton Barnes’ book, EMP, is an eye-opening look at life before, during, and after an EMP attack on the United States. The world suffers a panic attack in the early hours of this devastating event triggering an even bigger disaster: a nuclear winter unleashed on the world’s population.

Within days, 7.8 billion of the planet’s 7.9 billion inhabitants are dead, dying, or vaporized. Mankind’s only hope for survival is Barnes’ group of survivalist’s that take refuge in the Yucca Mountain military installation some 2,500 feet underground; complete with blast doors, natural springs, and an endless amount of supplies to keep the group alive for decades. Barnes’ group must overcome problems only imagined in deep space travel: isolation, vitamin deficiency, no sunlight, leadership, illnesses and births. The group must pull together as one to survive underground, for mankind, and mankind’s place in the universe.

Thornton Barnes understands group dynamics, weapon technology, and EMP’s. Barnes worked military intelligence as an officer, on NASA space programs, and at Area 51’s, Dreamland, on projects so secret the CIA, from which Barnes was employed, had no idea – even today – what exactly went on there.

Barnes is able to share insight on what workers of classified undertakings at top hidden bases all over the world and on deep space projects, use as inspiration to protect the countries and people they love on both sides of the fence. They use projects like “the God Particle,” atom smashers akin to the, super collider, and the ultimate weapon of mass destruction, the atom splitters, nuclear weapons.
The United States has always sought a way to harness the energy of a nuclear explosion and focus this into a single beam of power no wider than a coffee can opening and direct that energy at the enemy. Edward Teller and Robert Oppenheimer’s fusion technology gave birth to Stanley Kubrick’s nightmarish character, Dr. Strangelove. Dr. Zempf, (Dr. Strangelove), a college professor and mad scientist, can best be described by Charlton Heston’s co-Character in the, Omega Man, Jonathan Matthias, a former news anchor turned nocturnal mutant and leader of, The Family, describes a scientist to Heston’s character, Army Col. Robert Neville, M.D., as, “A man who knows nothing until there is nothing left to know.”

I have read Barnes’ book, EMP, several times now and each time I read, I get a strange sense of the words being a warning to mankind of an ultimate fate as we wish for greater technology. Be careful what you wish for.

Shawn Dutton
Editor in Chief of Prepared Times Magazine

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