MiGs Over Nevada Book Release

New Release
New Release

CIA declassification in October 2013 released information making possible the release of MiGs Over Nevada by Thornton D. “TD” Barnes. The book is an Area 51 veteran’s account of the exploitation of Soviet MiGs at Area 51 that reversed the ratio of planes lost in the Vietnam War. The book covers the development of carry on projects that developed into a business at Area 51 to make it a permanent national test facility.

Declassified documents released by the CIA in October 2013 reveal how a former CIA contract special projects team based at Area 51 developed a technological service for evaluating enemy aerial assets in conjunction with evaluating proof of concept technology of US companies vying for government contracts. This book is about the MiG plane exploitation projects that were the genesis of the Navy Top Gun Weapons School, the Air Force Red Flag exercises, and addition of aggressors to the Air Force weapons school.

MiGs Over Nevada describes the operations at Area 51 where a small group of CIA personnel and contract specialists served as cadre serviced the needs of customers such as the US Air Force, the US Navy, and numerous corporate entities seeking the technological services that exists only at Area 51. The book also provides a view into the recruitment of this secret cadre and how it effected their families having to live under a cloak of secrecy.