In Book Three, the EMP and nuclear winter survivors finally emerge from their underground shelter with expectations of resuming life free of the restrictions imposed by martial law. They also expect a continuation of their battle with Islamic Jihadists commenced shortly before the return of nuclear winter. The main body of survivors move to Nellis AFB with Colonel Bradley and a select group of the military remaining at the mountain to protect the technology archived there and to protect the ranchers and farmers remaining there with the livestock. The Islamic Brotherhood reappears to take control of Hoover Dam for its electrical production needed to support an Islamic state being organized in neighboring Arizona. Sammie Bronson leads the survivors in battle again to deny the Islamic Brotherhood a foothold at the dam. The hardships continue with the survivors are again driven into shelters from El Nino winds carrying radiation carried aloft by the fire storms raging on the West Coast. The nuclear winter returns early, but not before the outpost at the mountain and base camp at Nellis AFB establish visual communication. Colonel Barlow encounters unexpected opposition from survivors opposing the establishing of local governments that requires many to find new occupations essential to continued survival of the group.
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