Electromagnetic Pulse: North Korea’s Latest Threat Against U.S. Mirrors EMP Book by TD Barnes

TEOTWAWK. “The end of the world as we know it” This ring true when a new US missile defense measure causes a nuclear-tipped Chinese rocket test to change course and target Beijing. In the heat of the moment, a Chinese missile officer triggers the release of an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) device in Earth orbit as part of the nation’s deterrent to a pre-emptive attack. The incident triggers the release of nuclear weapons that brings the dreaded nuclear winter that circles the globe for four years. Ninety percent of the Earth’s population will perish in the aftermath.
The EMP series realistically depicts the life of a group of survivors living underground in the wake of an EMP and nuclear attack that destroys electronic devices and the electric power grids over much of the world. The story follows the life of a group of survivors sheltered inside the unused Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository at Jackass Flats, Nevada. At the same time, book one of the EMP series depicts what to expect in such a dreadful event that could happen at the hands of a rogue nation. North Korea, Iran, or even terrorists can deliver such a device on board a ship or even a backpack from across the border of a targeted nation. It could be a matter of when rather than a matter of if. In any case, the desperate efforts to survive following such an attack will be brutal above all imagination.
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EMP – Nuclear Spring of the EMP Series Now Available in Paperback on Amazon

Book 2 of the EMP series realistically depicts life two years post World War III. The survivors of a global EMP and nuclear exchange briefly venture out of their underground refuge in Yucca Mountain only to face battle with hostile foreign survivors. An embedded terrorist causes considerable death and ignites military action where Colonel Bradley’s daughter tests a secret weapon. The survivors prepare for the next radiation storm and take refuge back in the mountain.

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EMP – Nuclear Spring by TD Barnes published as Action – Adventure


EMP – Nuclear Spring by TD Barnes, book 2 of the EMP series originally categorized War and Military is now categorized as Action and Adventure as well. The book is available in paperback and ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Createspace, Apple, and Smashwords. More about the book

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    Author TD Barnes presiding over 2015 Area 51 Roadrunners Internationale reunion as its president.

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