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Soaring with the Eagles – Autobiography of TD Barnes update

For half a century, his family and friends never knew he worked on special projects at Area 51 for the CIA. Barnes, an Area 51 and Cold War veteran tells what brought him from a desolate childhood on a remote ranch in the West Texas Panhandle, and through an Army career to Area 51 to serve the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology.
Soaring with the Eagles is a story about how the Central Intelligence Agency selected him during the Cold War while recruiting high achievers into its new Directorate of Science and Technology on station at Area 51.
Only since the CIA recently declassified how it secretly formed Area 51 can renown Area 51 veteran, TD Barnes publish his autobiography, Soaring with the Eagles. Barnes provides an exciting account of his career of secrecy, secrets that his family endured and supported for half a century while not knowing where he worked, what he did, or for whom. Barnes shares the family sacrifices and achievements along the way. All they knew was that with him, they soared with eagles, be it military, with NASA, in his intelligence career, and in private business.
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My Odyssey to Area 51 by Thornton D. Barnes

Posted Thornton D. Barnes

Former NASA and Area 51 veteran Thornton “T.D.” Barnes announces that his book “My Odyssey to Area 51” is now available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle. This book is an account of how he became selected off the NASA High Range for Special Projects on the recently declassified CIA Project OXCART, and other projects at Area 51. Barnes is also the author of the popular book EmP.
My Odyssey to Area 51
EmP – The Nuclear Winter


This book was previously published as “Soaring With The Eagles.”

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