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EMP Nuclear Summer – Book 3 of the EMP series by TD Barnes update

The EMP electromagnetic pulse attack and ensuing nuclear bomb exchanged happened four years ago, taking out the electric power grids and electronics of much of the world. Ninety percent of the world’s population has perished, those surviving being from the underdeveloped countries not targeted by a nuclear exchange that followed.
Two years ago, at the unused Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository in Nevada, a group of survivors had briefly ventured out of their underground refuge only to face a battle with hostile foreign survivors seeking to take their refuge. The jet stream returned the fallout of the nuclear winter back to the region, but not before both replenish the food and supplies needed to carry them through another siege by the nuclear fallout.
The survivors in the mountain have the past two years prepared to repel attacks on the mountain and to battle the Islamic jihadists arriving from Central America seeking to control Hoover Dam for an Islamic State in Arizona.
Now, the nuclear winter that blanketed the globe has reduced to storms influenced by the jet stream. The survivors split, most leaving the mountain to establish a refuge in the Veteran’s Hospital in North Las Vegas from future storm events. A small group remains at the mountain to defend it.
A battle ensues at the Hoover Dam just ahead of global weather changes that deliver radioactive dust from an El Nino storm that forces the survivors to seek cover. Tragedy strikes with unimaginable consequences.
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EMP – Nuclear Summer – Book 3 of EMP Series released

In Book Three, the EMP and nuclear winter survivors finally emerge from their underground shelter with expectations of resuming life free of the restrictions imposed by martial law. They also expect a continuation of their battle with Islamic Jihadists commenced shortly before the return of nuclear winter. The main body of survivors move to Nellis AFB with Colonel Bradley and a select group of the military remaining at the mountain to protect the technology archived there and to protect the ranchers and farmers remaining there with the livestock. The Islamic Brotherhood reappears to take control of Hoover Dam for its electrical production needed to support an Islamic state being organized in neighboring Arizona. Sammie Bronson leads the survivors in battle again to deny the Islamic Brotherhood a foothold at the dam. The hardships continue with the survivors are again driven into shelters from El Nino winds carrying radiation carried aloft by the fire storms raging on the West Coast. The nuclear winter returns early, but not before the outpost at the mountain and base camp at Nellis AFB establish visual communication. Colonel Barlow encounters unexpected opposition from survivors opposing the establishing of local governments that requires many to find new occupations essential to continued survival of the group.
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