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About Thornton D. "TD" Barnes

Thornton D. "TD" Barnes, author and entrepreneur, grew up on a ranch at Dalhart, Texas, and graduated from Mountain View High School, Oklahoma. He then embarked on a ten-year military career where he served as an army intelligence officer in Korea. Following 2 ½ years of radar and missile electronics schooling, he taught foreign students the Nike radar and missile system, and deployed with a Hawk missile battalion during the Soviet Iron Curtain threat. He attended Artillery OCS, where an injury ended his military career. Barnes' career included serving as a field engineer at the NASA High Range in Nevada for the X-15, XB-70, lifting bodies, and lunar landing vehicles. He participated in the NASA NERVA project at Jackass Flats, Nevada; and served in Special Projects at Area 51. Barnes later formed a family oil and gas exploration company, drilling and producing oil and gas and mining uranium and gold. Barnes is currently the CEO of Startel, Inc., a landowner, and actively mining landscape rock and gold in Nevada. He is also the president of Roadrunners Internationale, an association of Area 51 veterans. Formerly, he was the first executive director of the Nevada Aerospace Hall of Fame. Two National Geographic Channel documentaries: "Area 51 Declassified" and "CIA - Secrets of Area 51" have featured Barnes. Numerous documentaries produced by the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, the Travel Channel, and others also feature Barnes. The Annie Jacobsen book, Area 51 Declassified, also features his career. Barnes is the author of two nonfiction books, MiGs Over Nevada, and Soaring With The Eagles, a 3 novel series about EMP and nuclear war, and a 3-novel series about Islamic Jihad in America. Barnes lives in Henderson, Nevada.

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