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February 1954 - March 1964

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Return from Germany to enter OCS
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Nike Air Defense Decal 5th Army 7th Division Korea Oklahoma 45th Division 4th Army
7th Army 1st Division

OCS 5-62 Class Photo
Photo credit: Fort Sill FA OCS Alumni

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Headed for Korea
Headed for Korea
My receiving a citation from General Jark while assigned Btry B, 31st FA, 7th Div, Munson-ni, Korea
Gen. Jark awarding me
Commendation awarded by Gen. Jark
Certification of Training
155 Howitzer Battery (Korea)
Btry B 31st FA 7th Div.


Nike Tracking Radar Nike Acquisition Radar

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After my tour in Korea, I spent a year at Fort Riley, Kansas while awaiting assignment to the Nike Ajax and Nike Hercules school at Fort Bliss, Texas. I attended school for 54 weeks learning the electronic maintenance of the various radar systems and the missiles.
About the Nike missile system

Little did I know at the time that ten years later I would be contracting for the CIA at Area 51 operating my Nike radar from Fort Bliss.

CIA at Area 51


Hawk Missiles Hawk Missile Launch Hawk Missile Firing

A few months after my graduation from the Nike Hercules radar and missile school, I volunteered and was accepted to a 6 month class on the HAWK missile and radar system. Shortly after my graduation, my battalion was deployed to Germany because of the Iron Curtain crisis.


More about the HAWK

Missile Logic (humor)

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Army Decal UNIT ASSIGNMENTS Army Decal

Fort Ord

Camp Chaffee

FA Ops/Intel. Sp: Korea

BtryB31stFA Bn: Korea

BtryC1stFABn5thArty: Ft Riley







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Basic training and then Korea 1955 - 1956

Basic training at Fort Ord, California Basic training at Fort Ord, California Headed to Korea from Camp Chaffee, Arkansas MSTS Gen. M.M Patrick troop transport to Korea
Dinner menu aboard MSTS Gen. M.M Patrick troop transport to Korea Korea MSTS Gen. M.M Patrick troop transport to Korea Arrival at Inchon, Korea
Was probably wondering where my career took this turn Me and a long forgotten buddy Chinese soldier - the reason for me being in Korea Korean children begging through the Concertina wire perimeter
Me and another buddy whose name escapes me We knew the war was over when we unpacked our Class A uniforms British AA battery near our 155 Howitzer battery British AA battery near our 155 Howitzer battery
Coldest winter of my life korea23.jpg Across the DMZ Across the DMZ
Tour's about up - headed for the states One of our Howizers Korea on a beautiful day A typical Korean valley. The smell was as bad as the view.
This was home for 13 months. Note the tent stove for heat and the candle for lighting. Just glanced at my short-timer's calendar. I'm not happy. Another photo of home. Doris' birthday - 22 September 1956 Just another home photo
My replacement: PFC Poindexter I'm really a shorttimer in this photo. That photo of Doris still sits on my desk 50 years later. My ole buddy, M/Gen Carl Jark presenting me a citation. I met the general on the ship as we headed to Korea. Later in my career I went to OCS at Fort Sill where he had commanded the first OCS class. We marched off our demerits by doing a Jark March up Medicine Bluff 4 (MB4) MPC (script) we used in Korea in lieu of green backs

Family after Korean tour 1956

Me, Doris and our daughter, Debbie. Photo taken the day I returned from Korea 1957: Dad, me, Doris, my brother Darvin, and Debbie Me and my brother Darvin strutting our stuff Our brother Dale was somewhere in Italy
1955 - Doris and our Chevy she purchased while I was in Korea 1957: Dad, mom, me, Dale, and Darvin

Nike Ajax, Nike Hercules, & Hawk Missile schools Fort Bliss, Texas and then deployment to Germany 1956 - 1962

Headed to Fort Bliss for Nike Ajax school Hawk missiles Me and some of my Army buddies at Fort Bliss Doris and the girls' passport photo for my deployment to Germany
Our troop ship: MSTS USNS General Simon Buckner Dependent's shot records Dependent's shot records Me and Doris during lifejacket drill on the Buckner
Doris and the girls, Debbie and Tammy in our quarters on the Buckner Doris joining the NCO Wives' Club - Bamberg, Germany Doris & kids touring King Ludwik' castle in Germany Garmisch Gardens - Germany
One of many speeding tickets in Germay Our daughters outside our home in Bamberg Debbie & Tammy in Germany - 1960 Germany Xmas_1960 - Debbie & Tammy

OCS Fort Sill, Oklahoma

OCS Jark March up Medicine Bluff 4 (MB4) OCS class doing its early morning 5-mile jog OCS OCS Graduation at Snow Hall

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