Hoot Hanson is a struggling oil wildcatter in Oklahoma. He hits it big while drilling on Indian land rejected by his competitors. His striking oil draws notoriety that attracts the attention of an unscrupulous Muslim attorney acting as middleman for the Department of Homeland Security secretly funding Islamic opposition to the ISIS fighters in the Middle East. The attorney, an embedded Islamic activist is secretly seeking financing for Islamic jihad within the United States. He uses his role with the department to involve Hoot in a federal investigation while the attorney uses a Muslim bank to litigate in court to take possession of Hoot’s oil discovery. Hoot, has the help of a local Special Agent with the FBI who investigates and uncovers the Muslim attorney is financing a local Islamic jihad cell. Hoot wins his court battle with both the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and a Muslim-owned bank that results in the United States Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba detaining the attorney, and a huge settlement paid to the Hansons by the Department of Homeland Security. Everyone underestimates Hoot’s resolve when the battle escalates from the courts to an attack by homegrown jihadists upon Hoot’s company, a massacre with considerable loss of life. The attack sparks Hoot into using his acquired wealth to retaliate, in the process forming a protection squad for his family under siege that becomes a business as the jihad on America spreads.

First Strike – Jihad America

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Posted by Thornton D. Barnes

Posted Thornton D. Barnes