Following the massacre against his oil company and the terrorists kidnapping his daughter, Hoot Hanson remains at war with the Islamic State, ISIS. He accepts appointment to finish the term of a US Senator for one reason – the power needed to block the US border with Mexico following an Islamic jihadist raid on an American high school on the Mexican border. FBI agents embed in Hoot’s Senate staff while Hanson’s people join Mexico to rescue the girls and close the border. Hoot won his battle with the Homeland Security secretary, but it didn’t change a damn thing in Washington. The government paid him the $250 million awarded by the court and the President canned the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security only to replace him with an alter ego of the one he fired. Hoot didn’t need the money. He needed the politicians to recognize the United States being at war with an Islamic Jihad. He accepted appointment to finish the term in the US Senator for one reason – to gain the power he needed to close the Mexican border. No one cared about Islamic jihadists entering the US as refugees from the wars in the Middle East to conduct jihad. This all changed following an ISIS attack on an American high school near the border at El Paso. Some cared that it happened and some cared only for the consequences. It is for the later that the FBI director embedded special agents Mike Steinberg and Jill McBride in Hoot’s Senate staff to investigate. In this third book of the Jihad America series, Hoot deploys his personal army of security and intelligence specialists to rescue the American children taken by ISIS to reward its warriors and recruit radicalized Islamic converts within the United States. For decades, the United States has taken in far more refugees than the entire rest of the world combined with nearly half of the refugees took in being Muslim. Hoot fights the battles in Washington while his people team with Mexico to close the border from the Mexican side to shut off the flow of Islamic jihadists using Mexico to gain entrance into the United States. Closing the border stops the flow of Islamic jihadists entering the United States, but not the recruitment of Americans through the use of social media. Following the closure of the border, drug supplies in American cities dry up, causing a violent uprise of druggies teaming with ISIS converts to resume the flow of drugs. The FBI and other agencies team with Hanson’s people who contract with Mexico to keep the border closed to drugs and jihadists entering the US. Al-Qaeda and ISIS circumvent the blocked border by successfully calling for lone wolf attacks in all the major cities.

Posted by Thornton D. Barnes

Posted Thornton D. Barnes